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A Premier Commercial Real Estate Firm

Tri State Commercial® Realty is a reputable commercial real estate advisory and brokerage firm dedicated to turning your local commercial real estate needs into a reality. With office locations in New York and Pennsylvania, our firm has established itself as a trusted name throughout the tri-state area. We offer superior service and reliable, dedicated representation that consistently gets deals done.


Through unwavering commitment, hard work, and innovative solutions, Tri State Commercial Realty has earned its position as the leading expert in commercial leasing within our region. What began as a small operation in Brooklyn has since expanded across the city. Furthermore, with the recent acquisition of two additional offices in Pennsylvania, we continue demonstrating our industry leadership by providing creative commercial real estate solutions for our esteemed clients. 

Founded by Shlomi Bagdadi in 2014, the strength of our firm lies in our people. At Tri State Commercial, we understand that our company culture is the driving force behind our success. We have fostered a highly-skilled, homegrown talent base and utilize advanced infrastructure to deliver unparalleled commercial real estate services. Our agents are held to the highest ethical standards and selected for their exceptional drive, determination, and fortitude. By investing in the growth of these individuals, we ensure that we consistently achieve results that we can be proud of. Moreover, our in-house training programs, developed by industry experts, set the bar for excellence in our field.


Combining a culture of excellence with exceptional training, Tri State Commercial has become a dynamic, client-focused, and award-winning real estate company. We take immense pride in our achievements and eagerly anticipate a future of innovation and continued success.

Our experienced team of commercial property advisors sets themselves apart from the crowd. TSC’s model enables our team of advisors to continue and gain market knowledge and expertise inside and out, equipping them with the ability to provide best-in-class service.


TSC’s core values are steeped in professionalism and teamwork all the while utilizing up to the date technology. Plain and simple, they lead to results. When clients work with us, they should expect nothing short of full transparency. There is a reason we consistently deliver award-winning results, including #1 in Brooklyn in closed deals for three years in a row.

We have grown since 2014 to be a market leader in commercial real estate services specializing in retail and office leasing through:

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Our leverage is through transparency, dedication, teamwork, technology and integrity:

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