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Tri State Commercial Realty is an industry leader serving property owners and businesses in the Northeast.

With branches in New York City and Pennsylvania, our firm has earned a reputation as the premier choice for savvy clients looking for superior service, first-rate representation and the result that matters most: getting deals done.


Shlomi Bagdadi founded Tri State Commercial Realty to provide clients with something more. Shlomi and his team separated themselves from the pack by building the backbone of the company first: its people.

Tri State Commercial’s corporate identity revolves around its commitment to cultivating a skilled homegrown talent base utilizing the most advanced infrastructure to provide unrivaled commercial real estate services to all clients. This star team acts as engaged expert representatives well before a space reaches the market – all the way to the finish line.

This dedication, along with a corporate infrastructure that breeds efficiency and success, has catapulted the firm to the top of this competitive field, where it has remained over the years.


The success of the NYC-centric business led to a natural expansion when Tri State Commercial Realty acquired Precision Realty Group, a prominent Pennsylvania firm in its fifteenth year of service in the Philadelphia metro area and the surrounding suburbs, and introduced its acclaimed business culture to another Northeast metro region.

Precision shared much of Tri State Commercial’s core philosophy and the new partnership has been greeted with excitement by landlords and tenants in both regions.

Today, the Tri State Commercial family boasts an ever-increasing market share in both regions, and the expanded reach is helping property and business owners do more - with efficiency and success.

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