La Cima Charter Annual Fundraiser!

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La Cima Charter Annual Fundraiser!

Tri State Commercial sponsored & attended La Cima Charter Schools’ 1st Annual  Fundraiser.

La Cima Charter School, in partnership with Tri State Commercial Realty, celebrated 10 years of quality education in service to the Bed-Stuy community with its 1st annual “Continuing the Climb” fundraiser last Thursday, Nov 2nd.

La Cima combines standards-based assessments alongside behavioral psychology to provide a unique, comprehensive and socially conscious curriculum dedicated to cultivate and empower their students to become the future leaders of social and political change.

Tri State Commercial values the immeasurable contribution to its local community and the dedication of its educators.

The TSCR Team is grateful to the faculty for their hospitality and the opportunity to be an active contributor to this groundbreaking and forward-thinking institution.

For more information on La Cima’s innovative education program and events, check out their website at:

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