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Duvy Biller

Director, Leasing

Duvy Biller, Associate

Duvy Biller was born and raised in the Borough Park neighborhood right here in Brooklyn, NY. He got into real estate a year ago and has developed a passion for everything that goes into the process of closing a great deal. He enjoys negotiating, getting to communicate with his clients, and making something that seems impossible a reality for both landlords and his tenants. He’s looking to expand his network with the Hasidic community – Duvy can assist with understanding their needs to help these businesses grow within the Brooklyn borough. 

During the week, Duvy is fully committed to his role as an associate at Tri State Commercial and enjoys spending his weekends relaxing with his family. He decided to join Tri State Commercial because he sees it becoming the next big corporate commercial brokerage and he wants to be a part of that success – he also loves the teamwork and culture of the work environment in the office.

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