6,000 RSF | 987 Grand St | Viva Toro

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6,000 RSF | 987 Grand St | Viva Toro

Viva Toro signs a lease for a warehouse space in East Williamsburg!

Property Type: Warehouse
Total Space Rented: 6,000 RSF
Building Size: 15,370 SF
Complete Address: 987 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

The restaurant serves up “Mexican and Latin-Caribbean favorites, signature drinks and beatable entertainment.” By nightfall, Viva Toro doubles as a nightclub and is home to the only mechanical bull in Brooklyn.

Viva Toro‘s menu ranges from brunch options including chicken and waffles to sancochito (a chicken and root vegetable stew). Their dinner menu incorporates local favorites like tacos, fajitas, and sirloin steak. On their website, the drink menu is broken down from cocktails, beer, wine, spirits, soft drinks and happy hour choices–including their family recipe Frozen Red Sangria. 

The bar-restaurant has been in business for 9 years now and this will be Viva Toro‘s second location!

Located 3 blocks away from the L train by Grand St. Neighboring retailers include Chase Bank, City of Saints Coffee Roast, the recently opened Interboro Brewery, Distillery, and Taproom!

Congratulations to Tri State Commercial’s passionate agent Tamako Okamura!
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