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967 Bedford Ave | Brain Food | Grand Opening

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967 Bedford Ave | Brain Food | Grand Opening

Tri State Commercial visited Brain Food: The Smart Kitchen after their grand opening in Bed-Stuy!

Property Type: Street Corner Retail
Total Space Rented: 2,000 RSF
Building Size: 9,900 SF
Complete Address: 967 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205

The healthy market place owner, Ali Ahmed has been in the industry for approximately 12 years. Ahmed graduated with a degree in Chemistry and realized the job market did not fit his criteria. He started off opening a few bodegas and quickly observed the lack of healthy food options available to Brooklyn residents.

“It’s like everywhere you look there’s a fried food spot on every corner. Or if there are any healthy food options, the prices are too high for some people to afford,” Ahmed said. In his mission to provide better eating options, Ahmed created an extensive menu at affordable prices for customers.

Keeping the concept of bodegas alive, Ahmed opened his first Brain Food location as a “high-end” bodega. The store is a modern version of a classic bodega, offering a variety of organic produce, juices, snacks, and bowls. The retail also incorporates kiosks where customers can order from then pick up their meal once complete. The menu prices range between $7-12.

Ahmed created the menu by researching recipes, purchasing cookbooks, and watching YouTube tutorials. He also mentioned a lot of the menu’s inspiration comes from the New York City streets and it’s melting pot. All the meal options are created in house, including all dressings and cold brews.

Brain Food uses an OJI coffee dripper to produce their cold brow. Putting his chemistry degree to use, Ahmed built the contraption himself and explained that it takes eight hours for the process to create a fresh, delicious cold brew. The coffee lovers also invested in one of the top espresso machines, ensuring that customers enjoy the best caffeine experience.

Equally, the smart kitchen features a meal prep service for people who are constantly on-the-go. As affordability is the store’s priority, the meals cost $5 and offer a keto diet, whole dirty, and vegan options. Ahmed also created unique food bowls that feature choices like a Thai bowl, Jerk-chicken, and black bean. He kept all the rich flavors but removed the excess oils and grease to provide a healthier treat.

“We chose this location because it was like a food desert over here. There weren’t that many dining options for people, so we thought this would be the perfect spot,” Ahmed commented.

The venue sits on the corner of Bedford and Dekalb Ave, near the Bedford-Nostrand Ave G train station. Steps away from the B44, B38 bus service. Local and national retailers include Chase Bank, Wing Stop, and Planet Fitness.

Ahmed shares his experience working with Tri State Commercial’s Jacob Twena, “Jacob was legit. It was a fast transaction, the fastest lease signing I’ve ever seen actually. He was also willing to help us out if we came across any issues.”

Brain Food is open daily from 7 am to 10 pm. Be sure to stop in and treat yourself to a deliciously healthy meal! @BrainFoodbk  @brainfoodbk @brainfoodbk
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