400 SF | 793 Utica (Store #2) | Value Tax

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400 SF | 793 Utica (Store #2) | Value Tax

Loyal income tax service, Value Tax, reached out to Tri State Commercial once more in search of a retail space. The tax office has rapidly expanded their company throughout Brooklyn.


Value Tax “charge[s] less, so you can keep more of your tax refund where it matters most, in your pocket. [Value Tax] get[s] your refund in your pocket fast for less than [their] competitors.”


Congratulations to TSCR’s passionate broker Damien Andrews @DamienA_TSCR


Located in East Flatbush, steps away from the B35 & B46 buses.


Property Type: Street Retail

Total Space Rented: 400 SF 

Building Size: 5,160 SF

Complete Address: 793 Utica Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11203




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