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675 Grand St | Yummy Extensions | Grand Opening

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675 Grand St | Yummy Extensions | Grand Opening

Tri State Commercial visits Yummy Extensions after their grand opening in East Williamsburg!

Property Type: Street Retail
Total Space Rented: 800 RSF
Building Size: 6,500 SF
Complete Address: 675 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Yummie O entered the hair industry approximately eight years ago. While juggling her career in computer science and her family, the hair industry began as a hobby for O. She did her own hair and was constantly asked by family members for the source of her products.

As she continued working in IT services, O realized how time-consuming her profession was. Many members of her family and friends encouraged her to pursue selling hair extensions and other hair products. O utilized her experience in computer science and started Yummy Extensions online. She launched a Facebook page for a few months until the business soared and debuted her company’s official website.

Before long the business owner opened her first location in Dallas, Texas. Where patrons can purchase hair as well as have it installed in the salon portion of the retail. Shortly after, O initiated a pop-up shop tour to spread awareness of her company’s existence and products. The hair extensions provider observed which cities sold the most hair products and visited those locations. “I know how important it is for people to come in and feel the hair before purchasing it. I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to see the quality of what they’re buying,” O said.

She went on to comment, “I sort of stumbled into this business. I’ve always loved doing my hair and changing my look.” Her hard work did not go unnoticed as celebrities like Vanessa Simmons and sister Angela Simmons have been wearing O’s hair products for years. “I stumbled across the management team for Angela then they contacted me saying that they really enjoyed what I was doing with my brand, and they wanted to take things to the next level [which meant having Angela become a brand ambassador].”

O explains that she invested a lot of time into her marketing as a lot of celebrities respond to the image the company creates. She does all the marketing work herself and emphasizes the importance of not forcing things to work in order to do well. Applying this business tactic has worked well for the entrepreneur as she preps to open her second location in Brooklyn, NY.

“Brooklyn is one of the top markets for my products. We’ve been to New York about four times on the tours and each time we went people responded well or we sold out. I wanted to make things easier for my customers by opening a store there,” O stated.

She continued, “I was trying to find a space in New York for about a year, but I couldn’t find what I was looking for. I was close to giving up before I called Jacob Twena and he was amazing. He helped me a lot and took us to a million places in one day. Twena was really genuine with his feedback and gave us recommendations because he understood what we were looking for. I don’t know what I would have done without him.”

This will be Yummy Extensions first Brooklyn outpost. The grand opening is set for Sunday, May 5th from 2-7 PM.

As for the future, O intends on doing another pop-up shop tour and this year the company will be flying out internationally for London, the United Kingdom. Although the business has grown globally, O wants to focus on expanding in the states before taking on the world. She also stressed that her main priority is keeping up the e-commerce experience and ensuring that her products maintain it’s level of excellence.

The East Williamsburg location sits near the L train by Grand St, surrounded by local and national retailers like Chase Bank, Starbucks, and Rye.

Once again, congratulations to Tri State Commercial’s outstanding agent Jacob Twena!  @YummyHair  @YummyExtensions  @yummyextensions
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