500 RSF | 170 S 1st | The Happinest NYC

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500 RSF | 170 S 1st | The Happinest NYC

Tri State Commercial visits creator of Mini Mindful Minds and The Happinest NYCCharlotte Gibson.

Property Type: Community Facility
Total Space Leased: 500 RSF
Building Size: 16,183 SF
Complete Address: 170 South 1st, Brooklyn, NY 11211

As a 12-year-old girl, Gibson knew she wanted to bring joy and peace of mind to others. She recalls attending a party where a fairy (paid actor) was present and interacted with the children, ensuring everyone had fun. Gibson told her mother then that wanted to provide something that caters to children having fun.

As an adult, she went on to become an eighth-grade school teacher back in Australia. She established her own mindful practice before heading to the school and saw a shift in her life after 2 months, approximately. The idea sparked for Gibson to integrate meditation into her lessons so that her students would be able to be accountable for their actions and process their emotions.

She started meditation with a few of her students. The mindfulness instructor gave an instance of a student she worked with named Marco. After a month of meditation Marco’s mother approached Gibson and thanked her for teaching Marco a way to express himself while also learning to calm himself down in overwhelming situations. As he experienced an extreme case of eczema from adolescent stress.

From there, the young entrepreneur was asked by other teacher’s in the school to incorporate their kids into her mindfulness sessions. Furthermore, the sessions became a school-wide activity. Gibson was proud to have created a resource where teachers could seamlessly blend yoga and meditation into childhood education.

Inspired to share this well of knowledge, Gibson created programs for education facilities and dedicated two years to create her “Mindfulness box for Mini’s“, which include meditation scripts, mindfulness and yoga activities. The box has been integrated into many schools in Europe and purchased/donated to schools in Cambodia.

Eventually, the mindfulness box curator ventured into staff training. Gibson realized mediation should be a core workshop that schools offer. She commented that no educational facilities in the U.S. are using these methods.

Gibson does provide the programming for schools and hopes to spread this peace of mind and meditation to the school system in America. Her location in Williamsburg is her first physical shop/center. She also made sure to create a safe space for adults by dividing the sessions between servicing children in the morning and adults in the evening. In the future, Gibson plans to feature movie nights and create partnerships with local businesses to help parents have more date time and provide a cozy, peaceful environment for kids.

Gibson enjoyed working with Tri State Commercial’s agent Chandler Slate and described finding her space as a miracle.

The Happinest NYC soft opening date will be Wednesday, December 5th; however, Gibson hopes to have everything up and running by Friday, December 7th. If you’re interested in centering yourself and finding your own inner peace then book a session today!

The venue is located on South 1st and Driggs Ave. Steps away from the B62, Q59 bus service. One block away from the Williamsburg Cinemas and dozens of local restaurants and cafes. Neighboring national tenants include Starbucks, Citi Bank, and Retro Fitness.

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