Record of Success

Our award winning team has an established history of providing the highest level of service to property and business owners on projects of all sizes throughout Brooklyn, NY.
Here is a list of closed deals.

2154 Bergen St

 Wan Chang Metal Trading was in need of growth and expansion. Tristate Commercial experts fortunate…
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4 Arlington Ave

A Deliverance Tabernacle company needed a space for expansion in Brooklyn. Tristate Commercial Real …
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2811 Mermaid Ave

A Graffiti Community Ministry company was looking for growth and needed a new space for business. Tr…
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334 Malcom X Blvd

A dry cleaning company was in need of a space in Brooklyn and Tristate Commercial Real Estate leased…
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1071 Broadway

A Local Restaurant was seeking growth and expansion. Tristate Commercial experts assisted their need…
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455 Utica Ave

Cookunity LLC was in need of a space for their food, restaurant, and catering business. The Tristate…
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836 Dekalb

 Cricket Wireless needed a new space for their cellphone expertise. Tristate Commercial experts gui…
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444 Melrose

Kimchi Bushwick was seeking expansion for their restaurant. Fortunately, The Tristate Commercial Tea…
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1086 Broadway

Nigertech Services Inc. was looking for an office to practice their environmental consulting strateg…
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2017 Fulton Str

An African Restaurant was looking for a space for business and fortunately they found it. Tristate C…
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175 Tompkins Ave

Pratt Car Service was in need of growth and were seeking expansion for their car service company. Th…
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780 Lexington

A construction company, AD Restoration and Builders were looking for a new property. Luckily, Trista…
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884 Broadway

A Doctor’s office was looking to grow their business and Tristate Commercial found an amazing …
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2277 McDonald Ave

A Energy Solution company was seeking expansion. The amazing team at Tristate Commercial Real Estate…
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